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Renewable Energy

  • 10+ years
  • 9 models
  • 6-12 students
  • 550 pieces
  • Item No. 78976
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The Renewable Energy set allows students to compare and contrast the power and efficiency that can be realized from wind, solar and water powered machines. Students generate electricity to operate models as they experiment with renewable energy systems. Builds 3 models at a time: One 1.38 V – 500 mA solar panel, 3 motors and power cords, and 1 capacitor for energy storage included

Key Features & Concepts

  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar, wind and hydro power
  • Energy: Radiant, Mechanical and Electrical
  • Kinetic and Potential Energy
  • Green energy/Clean energy
  • Hydroelectric energy generation

164 page teachers guide with 9 lesson plans, key terms, definitions and concepts.