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Levers and Pulleys

  • 8+ years
  • 8 models
  • 2-3 students
  • 178 pieces
  • Item No. 78610
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Build 8 real working models of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class levers and fixed, moveable and combination pulley systems, one at a time. Detailed teachers guide with key concepts, terms definitions and learning objectives and lesson plans included. Packaged in a strong storage tray with moveable dividers and snap on transparent lid.

Key Features & Concepts

  • Identifying 3 classes of levers and how they operate
  • Key parts of levers: effort arm, resistance arm and fulcrum
  • How levers function
  • Fixed, moveable and combination pulley systems and how they function

Includes 60 page teachers guide with 8 lesson plans and key definitions and concepts.