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Forces Energy and Motion

  • 10+ years
  • 11 models
  • 12-16 students
  • 442 pieces
  • Item No. 78790
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The Forces Energy and Motion set has been designed to encourage students to investigate and experiment using a variety of models . The hands on testing with various models and motors allows groups to compare and contrast what impact speed and distance travelled. Set including tyres and motors, battery, spring and fly wheel. Builds 11 models, up to four at a time.

  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Key Features & Concepts

  • Energy transfer
  • Velocity and Acceleration
  • Potential and Kinetic Energy
  • Newton’s Law and the Mathematics of Motion
  • Student designed experiments to encourage design challenges

86 page teachers guide, and 7 lesson plans. Includes key terms, definitions and concepts.