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Energy, Motion and Aeronautics

  • 10+ years
  • 9 models
  • 6-9 students
  • 1430 pieces
  • Item No. 79621
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The Energy, Motion and Aeronautics set allows students to investigate a variety of concepts related to Newton’s Laws and aeronautics. These concepts include aeronautics as it applies to force and motion, as well as the effects of individuals who work in space. Models demonstrate: Newton’s Law, aeronautic and aerospace training devices, optical illusions, mechanical systems, airplane flight surfaces, parachute technology, projectile motion, and much more. Builds 9 K’NEX® models up to three at a time. Balloon included.

Key Features & Concepts

  • Newton’s Laws Ratios and Proportions
  • The design Process / Engineering Design
  • Measurement
  • Testing, Evaluating and Modifying
  • Data collection, graphing and analysis

152 page teachers guide, including key terms, definitions and 9 lesson plans.